Safety Information

DFCCA is a self-motivated fundraising event. We do our best to ensure that this event is held with the highest possible degree of safety for the drivers, the co-drivers and the environment in which the drive takes place.

Contact with other vehicles or objects in the environment.

And our Control ... The Platform Leader shall organize a safety briefing before the event to highlight the importance of keeping a safe following distance while driving and of driving in a safe manner.

DFCCA shall deliver safety guidelines to all registered participants before the event takes place.

Problems with the vehicles resulting from inadequate maintenance or an overly high age limit.

And our Control ... The organizer will try to ensure nearby a vehicle with the basic technical aids, but this may not be possible in all situations.

Please assure that your vehicle operates and moves safely before you join in the event.

DFCCA wishes to promote the need to ensure that your vehicles are sufficiently safe. All registered participants shall receive safety guidelines where the relevant point will remind them of this need.

Violation of local laws as a result of improper driving.

And our Control ... Improper driving and behaving with the vehicle is unacceptable. The Organizer will publicly communicate that improper behaviour is unacceptable and every attempt to ruin this event may result in complaint with the local authorities.

DFCCA shall add a warning to the safety announcement for all registered participants.

Injury as a result of an accident or an incident in inadequate weather conditions and impaired ability to control the vehicle for these reasons.

And our Control... In the interest of safety the organizer may postpone the drive due to bad weather conditions.

DFCCA will allow the host Platform Leader to communicate with all the participants.

Exposure to strong sunlight can cause dehydration, sunstroke and sunburn that can lead to occurrence of accidents.

And our Control... It is recommended to start the drive at a location where protection from exposure to sun, water and food can be offered. The event is rather short and shall not last longer than 3 to 3.5 h, but nevertheless if the weather is too hot, the drivers are encouraged to wear sunscreen.

DFCCA ... shall kindly remind all registered drivers of all important points in the safety announcement.

Speeding up by the drivers to join the group if the group is split because of traffic lights or intersections.

And our Control ... The route will be clearly highlighted and explained previously at the briefing. This is only suggested route, in case the participants do not feel safe. Along the way there are re-grouping points and therefore there is no need to speed up to catch up with the procession.

DFCCA ..shall highlight these points to all registered drivers.

Unnecessary speeding that results in accidents.

And our Control... The drive will be carried out at a slow speed and managed by the leaders at the head of the procession and the police. DFCCA is an event including slow driving that does not last long and that often takes place at locations characterized by traffic congestion. Therefore, to ensure safety the driving speed is limited to very slow.

DFCCA ... shall highlight these points in the Safety Guidelines which shall be distributed to all registered participants.

Alcohol or substance abuse as causes of accidents.

And our Control... If any person should appear to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs, he/she must be removed from the procession straightaway and reported to the local authorities

Improperly parked vehicles at the start/finish or at the stop points for regrouping that cause traffic congestion and commotion.

And our Control ... ..The Platform Leaders (organizers) are strongly advised to select regions and locations that are adequate and acceptable for the expected number of vehicles. There is a possibility of appearance of unregistered drivers who have been informed about the event by their friends and in this case we shall seek assistance from all drivers to ensure adequate parking space for these drivers.

Local laws obstruct the group drive

And our Control... In case the local authorities should require discussion about the planned drive, the Platform Leader should accept the discussion and ensure compliance with the local laws and conditions that are required (every country has different conditions).

If the drive is interrupted you can file a complaint. Try to find out the name of the responsible local officer and the details about the stoppage of the automobile procession.

The drivers can finish the drive at the agreed destination but using a route of their choice.

To report on any incident, please write an incident report.