Platform Leader Host

Be a Platform Leader (Host a Drive)
If your town/city is not among those that have hosts for this event, and you would like this to change, please fill out the form below.
We are looking for noble, exceptional gentlemen who share our passion for cabrio and coupe GT vehicles and who for our cause would not mind one nice Sunday in April to put a cap or a hat on, a tie, a pair of driving gloves and ask their partner to prepare in the same manner for doing an honourable work. The only competitive feature is the increase in the number of charity memberships, and the Platform Leaders who will have the highest increase in the funds will be presented with titles and qualifications. Do not forget to encourage your drivers to share the application for charity membership with their friends and relatives and with all human people who would like to sponsor their friend’s drive.
Please note,
We drive cabrio and coupe GT vehicles.
We start from a certain point, drive …………………break, drive …………………………….final destination.
The drive is through populated area.
Host …Platform leader determines the location.