1Is the driving in the DFCCA open for all sexes?
Drive for Colon Cancer Awareness is an event that supports the campaigns for raising awareness about colon cancer and childhood cancer which affect equally both sexes. The idea is to come together with your partner and support this cause.
2Can I drive as a part of the DFCCA even though I do not have a car from the specified categories?
Unfortunately you shall not be able to participate in the automobile procession with unqualified vehicle, but we warmly recommend that you contact the Platform leader who organizes the procession in your town so that he/she can accommodate you in some of the vehicles with a free seat. In addition, you are advised to rent a car from one of these categories with which you can participate, but above all, in both cases you have to be properly dressed for the event and registered. If you still want to support the event and you cannot fulfil any of the qualification requirements above you can do this in a wonderful manner by registering for charity membership and supporting any of the local drivers. The membership details are easily accessible at our website.
3How to sign in or register for Charity Membership?
To sign in you will need to click on the registration link which is always placed together with Charity Membership. Then just follow the steps and fill out the form as required.
4Should I pay for participation in the automobile procession DFCCA?
The drive is envisaged as promotion of humane drivers and for us it is important as many people as possible to register and participate in the event, so that the massive participation can show how important and necessary it is the events of this type to bring closer a good cause to as many people as possible. There is not any required fee the payment of which makes you a participant, but we would truly like our drivers to show their true support by their charity membership. Therefore, no fee is accepted as precondition for participation and in case it is required from you, please do not hesitate to contact us.
5Do I need to reach higher membership level so that I can participate in the event?
The participation in the DFCCA as a humanitarian event does not involve any set of conditions for financial competition in order to be part of the event. Every charity membership supports awareness raising projects and the increase of these funds makes possible to save someone's life, perhaps the life of someone you know. The greater awareness will provide for longer life and better quality of life. Charity membership helps the professionals continue their work.
6Is it possible the funds from our charity members to be used locally?
Taking into account that our Charity partner is Lions International, the clubs that shall submit professional projects on this topic, shall be directly involved in the implementation of these projects. We would really like to have the opportunity and funds to support all good projects on this topic. We warmly encourage and support as many projects as possible, and so far we have had an excellent response. This event is implemented both on local and global level depending on the funds raised from the charity memberships on an annual level.
7Can I pay my membership fee by cash or by check?
Not anyone at the event shall receive cash payments for membership fee, unless it is officially agreed with our charity partner Lions International these payments to be channelled in a legal way. These memberships are not considered as achievement of the Platform Leader of that town/city and it is therefore best to make the payments online. In case you are asked to pay the membership fee in cash, please report the case using our contact page.
8What happens in case of rain?
If unfavourable weather conditions are in the forecast, the Platform Leader shall postpone the drive. The Platform Leader shall notify all involved parties by an e-mail.
9What do I get with the Charity Membership?
Above all, with your membership you will increase the funds available to support colon cancer awareness projects and projects that support campaigns for fighting childhood cancer. Depending on the type of your membership, you will receive the corresponding title, and you will receive a commemorative tag for your membership at your address. If your membership belongs to the premium category, you are automatically participant in the Premium prize draws if they are planned for the relevant year, for which the details will be subsequently announced.
10Do you have a problem with our website?
Contact us on ...
11I cannot find DFCCA procession parade in my region
Please register, and if everything goes by the plan, very soon there will be this kind of event in your region as well.
12How exactly are spent the funds from my Charity Membership?
Taking into account that the DFCCA has established humanitarian partnership with Lions International including an agreed act to support the clearly specified projects on the above mentioned topic, there is a legal obligation to cover these projects depending on the amount of the funds raised by charity membership, based on the fact that a share of the funds must be used to cover the expenses of the DFCCA for implementation of annual automobile processions and the largest share will be used for purpose projects implemented by Lions International.