Biggest Breakfast Week

Biggest Breakfast Week is another loud action supporting campaigns aimed at fighting colon cancer and childhood cancer. Taking active part in it, you will once again show your humanity in action.

What should you do to implement this action in your organization?

Identify a colleague (Platform Leader) who unfortunately might have had experience with this dreadful enemy, to lead this humanitarian breakfast in your organization.

What is the identified colleague expected to do to organize this warm gesture?

In the last week of March, as agreed, the Platform Leader should organize a peer-to-peer breakfast and briefly outline the purpose of the humanitarian event (an online leaflet informing colleagues about the purpose of the event will be available to all Platform Leaders registered with the local DFCCA representative).

What activity will take place on the Biggest Breakfast Week?

We all have at least one meal during our working day. On this day we will bring food for our colleague and he or she will bring food for us, but we will use the funds we have planned that morning for a meal to support these campaigns.

The Platform Leader will inform all the participants about the purpose of humanitarian action before the beginning of the breakfast.


Who will collect the funds and pay them to the local organization?

The funds from the employees shall be collected by their colleague who will organize the event (the Platform Leader), who will also pay them to the gyro account of the local DFCCA.

What is the role of the company that supports this action at its premises?

The supporting company shows its humanity by encouraging its employees to participate in the Biggest Breakfast Week action, and tradition says that usually, the organization shows its dedication to the support of this cause by donating at least as much funds as the humane employees of the company have managed to raise together.

The purpose of this humanitarian event is to massively raise public awareness about the importance of supporting campaigns against colon cancer and childhood cancer by organized gatherings.