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In the month of April, hundreds of drivers with great hearts in many cities around the world shall put their hats or caps on, prepare their special occasion ties and short gloves, which all symbolize the resolution and determination that something must be done to move a step forward, and will bring their freshly washed cars, the ready cabriolets, coupes and GT automobiles, and increase the number of noble members, all with the aim of raising awareness, highlighting how important it is to appear on time for our medical examinations, as timely screening can save lives. We are happy if even one life is saved.

“Drive for colon cancer awareness” was born as an idea and as a movement in 2015, out of spontaneous socializing, out of a simple notice how great attention would be caused when a beautiful procession of cabriolets would pass through a populated place, among the people in a city or a town. This idea turned into a movement when the drivers of these cars started showing their humanity, their wish to share happiness through giving, and keep the sweet secret in their hearts, being content that they have helped someone. As, if you do not reveal this secret to the world, it will bring you joy much longer than you can expect. We warmly support and encourage many of our friends to also keep such nice secrets, knowing that they have been able to give, that they have supported the real cause, so that they can have a piece of mind and hope when they start walking through various life tests.

In 2016 the truly warm welcome of the implementation of this movement was also confirmed by Lions International, our charity partner. They were delighted with the beautiful procession of cabriolets, coupes and GT automobiles and a decision was made that the humane drivers would drive for even more humane and noble cause.

2017 …… April. The magnificent procession of cabriolets, coupes and GT automobiles attracted the attention of the public and the message of the humane drivers was heard loud and clear. The movement will not stop as every April more and more drivers are eager to send the message that can save lives at the same time hoping that there more and more noble members will join.

The same year we were deeply moved by the tragedy of a great friend of ours and a great humanitarian worker. We were struck by the dreadful diagnosis that his first born son had received.

Exactly for these reasons we have decided our movement to support a noble cause, to support timely screenings of the young population, our offspring, for the reasons of prevention of cancer in children.

“Drive For Colon Cancer Awareness” is an artistic experience.

What does this mean?

  • Think about

Sunglasses, coats, scarves for ladies and gentlemen, think about whether you would decide to wear a tie of 30 centimetres, put on a cap or a hat, what colour would your gloves be.


  • Drive

Cabriolet , Coupe, all types of GT automobiles, a classic car


  • Be

Come equipped with best manners, in a mood for fun and entertainment and intensive smile


  • Pay

Making friends through driving together is certainly free of charge, but we kindly encourage you to select any of the humanitarian memberships and help increase the chances for reaching our ultimate humanitarian goals.

Also, think about recommending this charity membership to your friends, colleagues and relatives who can help by opting for a membership on your Fundraising page.


  • Register

To create your fundraising membership page and to register for the upcoming drive in your region please visit www.dfcca.com

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